Thunderbirds Are Go! Remaking The Future

When it comes to Thunderbirds Are Go I’ve played my cards pretty close to my chest because the internet is generally a place where you either love or hate something and any opinion in between is too complex for some to comprehend.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed the first series of 26 episodes. As a piece of children’s televison it’s pretty outstanding and I can totally understand why younger viewers would absolutely fall in love with the show – I know I would have done if I was 5 years old again.

The Investigator – Part 1

“This is the voice of Lew Grade, from a galaxy a million lightyears away – we have observed the cancellation of the The Secret Service and would strongly suggest you don’t try this live-action/Supermarionation crossover thing again. Gerry Anderson has selected an earth boy and girl to star in another one though. Through John and Julie he’s going to make a really bizarre pilot episode which won’t make your world a better place.”