Who IS the best-looking Tracy brother?

We truly are living in the future. The internet is now able to tell you exactly how pretty or ugly your face is. Using “complex mathematical calculations” the website prettyscale.com can tell you your exact percentage of prettiness. So in a follow up to our article which told us conclusively which celebrities our favourite Supermarionation characters resembled, we can now use the marvels of the internet to answer the age-old question: which Tracy brother is the best-looking, and who is the ugliest?

How Not To Do Supermarionation: Roberta Leigh’s ‘Paul Starr’

Many of you will know the name Roberta Leigh for her role in giving Gerry Anderson and AP Films their first television series – The Adventures of Twizzle. This followed into a series of Torchy The Battery Boy. By the end of 26 episodes of Torchy, AP Films had just about enough money saved up to produce a pilot episode for their own series, Four Feather Falls. The formula of a charming idea and great writing along more sophisticated puppetry proved to be a tremendous success for the team who went on to find success with Lew Grade and the creation of Supermarionation.

The Voice of Troy Tempest: Don Mason

Stingray’s Captain Troy Tempest is one of the most famous Supermarionation characters for his heroic good looks and distinctive features based on the actor, James Garner. However, behind the character is also a great voice which was performed by the often under-appreciated actor, Don Mason. He portrayed Troy in every episode of Stingray and also gave his voice to a number of guest characters throughout the series.

Thunderbirds – 2. Pit Of Peril

Join me as I dive into the Pit of Padding… sorry, I mean Pit of Peril. Pit of Peril introduces us to the regular opening theme music and a teaser montage with no sound effects. Lots of vehicles and fireballs on display. It must be an exciting episode!