Joe 90 – WIN’s Top Agents

Over the course of the Joe 90 series, WIN is engaged in espionage-cracking missions all over the world. Their Most Special Agent, 9 year-old Joe 90, is on the case in every episode but the World Intelligence Network also has a number of other operatives who work on various assignments. Here’s a list of all of WIN’s personnel that appeared throughout the series.

Thunderbirds – 10. Martian Invasion

Martian Invasion is a bizarre mix of a fairly ordinary rescue of two film actors trapped in a cave combined with what could have been one of the most important moments in the series – International Rescue’s capture of The Hood. How does this exciting opportunity play out? Let’s take a look.

UFO: A Soap Opera with Aliens?

Having shaken off what he considered to be the curse of making puppet shows, Gerry Anderson was keen to make UFO as appealing to adults as he possibly could while also appealing to children so that the show could generate some money through merchandising. The result is a series full of cool machinery, aliens, and action but also very ‘grown-up’ themes like violence, sex, adultery, broken families, the death of family members, drug-use and even rape.

My Hopes for the Captain Scarlet 50th Anniversary

Last Thursday, September 29th, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons celebrated the 49th anniversary of the first episode being broadcast back in 1967. That means we’re exactly one year away from the 50th anniversary of the show. With this in mind, I have had a bit of a think about what I would and wouldn’t like to see from the 50th anniversary celebrations of Captain Scarlet.