The Security Hazard Podcast

Hosted by Jack Knoll and Andrew Clements, this podcast from 2017 (with a couple of specials from 2019) discussed the latest news in the Gerry Anderson universe as well as extended discussions and games. Originally uploaded to YouTube and Soundcloud, you can now listen to every episode right here on the Security Hazard blog.

Looking for the Operation Anderthon podcast? Click here!

Episode 1: Revisiting The AnderTag (June 10th 2017)


Episode 2: Goodbye Stirling Road (June 16th 2017)


Episode 3: Get Them To Play A Little Game (June 30th 2017)


Episode 4: Anderson In The Classroom (July 14th 2017)


Episode 5: Stay On This Channel (July 29th 2017)


Episode 6: The NTBS News Division (August 23rd 2017)


Episode 7: Spectrum Is Gold (September 15th 2017)


Special Episode: Remembering Shane Rimmer (March 30th 2019)

Remembering Shane Rimmer Thumbnail

Special Episode: Century 21 Tech Talk (May 11th 2019)

Century 21 Tech Talk Thumbnail.jpg


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