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Explore classic shows like Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, and Space: 1999 as well as hidden gems from the Anderson universe!

Joe 90 | Project 90 Technical Operations Manual

Operation Anderthon

Join Jack and Katherine as they embark on a podcast assignment to watch and review the pilot episode of every Gerry Anderson series, with a few surprises along the way!

Operation Anderthon | A Security Hazard Podcast

Stingray Episode Reviews

Relive the adventures of Troy Tempest, Phones, and Marina with in-depth analysis and reviews of every Stingray episode. Expect laughs, trivia, and excitement!

Featuring high definition images from the stunning Blu-ray release of the restored Supermarionation series.

Stingray Episode Reviews
Stingray Episode Reviews

Thunderbirds Episode Reviews

5, 4, 3, 2, 1! All 32 episodes of Thunderbirds receive the Security Hazard treatment, plus the feature films and the anniversary episodes!

Every high definition frame is studied closely to reveal the secrets that made the original series so F.A.B.

Thunderbirds Episode Reviews
Thunderbirds Episode Reviews

Custom LEGO Creations

Enjoy images, videos, and articles featuring specially-built LEGO versions of famous Anderson vehicles and icons.

From Supercar to Zero-X, and Thunderbird 2’s runway to Dick Spanner himself, this special collection of Anderson LEGO builds keeps growing!

Custom LEGO Creations
Custom LEGO Creations


Dive into the YouTube channel which is always being topped up with Gerry Anderson goodies for fans to experience!

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Ep 23 – Season 1 Finale Operation Anderthon

It's time for Jack and Katherine to reflect on their exciting adventure watching the first episode of every Gerry Anderson series. Standby for revelations, games, and a look into the future…
  1. Ep 23 – Season 1 Finale
  2. Ep 22 – Space Precinct
  3. Ep 21 – Terrahawks
  4. Ep 20 – Joe 90
  5. Ep 19 – Space: 1999 (Year 2)
  6. Ep 18 – Dick Spanner, P.I.
  7. Ep 17 – Space: 1999 (Year 1)
  8. Ep 16 – The Protectors
  9. Ep 15 – The Investigator
  10. Ep 14 – Four Feather Falls