Who IS the best-looking Tracy brother?

We truly are living in the future. The internet is now able to tell you exactly how pretty or ugly your face is. Using “complex mathematical calculations” the website prettyscale.com can tell you your exact percentage of prettiness. So in a follow up to our article which told us conclusively which celebrities our favourite Supermarionation characters resembled, we can now use the marvels of the internet to answer the age-old question: which Tracy brother is the best-looking, and who is the ugliest?

Let’s start with the pilot of Thunderbird 1, Scott Tracy:


He’s looking good! What lets him down? Apparently a wide face, wide interocular distance (the gap between his eyes), a long nose and a wide mouth.

Now for the man behind Thunderbird 2, its Virgil!


Coming in at 65%, some may be surprised that the Tracy brother with all the cool toys in his pod didn’t score higher. But with that normal sized forehead he’s still a hit with the ladies!

Time for the youngest of the brothers, the sweet-faced astronaut, Alan Tracy.


Alan’s in the lead so far and with that normal chin and normal mouth size it isn’t difficult to see why Tin-Tin can’t resist him.

Aquanaut Gordon Tracy is up next!


Even prettier yet is the wide-faced Gordon Tracy. All that sea-water has worked wonders on giving him good facial symmetry.

And last but not least, the loner of the group, Thunderbird 5’s John Tracy.


Wow! Knocking it out of the park with 82%, John Tracy – considered by Gerry Anderson himself to be the ugliest and least popular of the brothers, has the most attractive face according to the “beauty calculator.”

So here are the final scores.

5 – Virgil Tracy – 65% prettiness
4 – Scott Tracy – 72% prettiness
3 – Alan Tracy – 74% prettiness
2 – Gordon Tracy – 75% prettiness
1 – John Tracy – 82% prettiness

Do you agree with our extraordinarily accurate findings that Virgil is the ugliest of the brothers and John is the prettiest? Who do you think is the best looking member of International Rescue? We’d so love to know your thoughts on this pressing matter!

As a final treat, we gave Parker, Grandma, and The Hood the same test… they didn’t fare quite so well.

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