Joe 90 – WIN’s Top Agents

Over the course of the Joe 90 series, WIN is engaged in espionage-cracking missions all over the world. Their Most Special Agent, 9 year-old Joe 90, is on the case in every episode but the World Intelligence Network also has a number of other operatives who work on various assignments. Here’s a list of all of WIN’s personnel that appeared throughout the series.

Joe McClaine – aka Joe 90

The 9 year-old son of electronics expert Professor McClaine became a key agent for WIN when his father demonstrated the BIG RAT to the organisation. Joe uses the machine to adopt the brain patterns of experts which allows him to carry out dangerous assignments completely unsuspected.


He wears special glasses with built-in electrodes which maintain the brain patterns. WIN also supplied Joe with a special case containing a portable transmitter and a simplified handgun which can fire 200 times without reloading.

Professor Ian ‘Mac’ McClaine

concertomacMac built and maintains the BIG RAT (Brain Impulse Galvanascope Record And Transfer) which delivers recorded brain patterns to his son Joe for the purpose of WIN missions. He demonstrated the device to his old friend Sam Loover who immediately saw the benefits of the device for world peace. Mac was inititally hesitant about allowing his son to take part in missions, and has always tried to keep WIN at a safe distance from affecting his personal life.

Nevertheless, Mac has often travelled with Joe on missions and assisted with the successful completion of assignments by providing technological back up. Joe even takes on Mac’s brain pattern in the episode Project 90 when the Professor is kidnapped.

Sam Loover

samLoover is one of WIN’s top agents, and one of Shane Weston’s most trusted advisers. A long-time friend of Professor McClaine, it was he that brought Joe and the BIG RAT into the fold.

When the C.I.A. merged with other secret services across the globe to form the World Intelligence Network, Sam was given the position of number one agent, following on from his role as Chief Security Adviser to the Secretary for Defence of the USA.

Sam often has a key role in setting up missions for Joe 90 and maintaining the smooth running of operations – advising and communicating with his agents in the field.

mv5bmtg5otu2nza5nl5bml5banbnxkftztgwotczmjgzmje-_v1_uy1200_cr48506301200_al_Shane Weston

Shane is the head of WIN London branch and Deputy Head of the entire organisation. After many daring exploits in the field, he brings an enormous amount of experience to strategising the take down of enemy organisations and operatives.

Mr Weston commands respect from his agents, but the enemy side often view him with a certain amount of disdain. Weston has a wicked sense of humour which he often uses to taunt his enemies.

edjohnsonEd Johnson – Hijacked

Before getting shot down in an alley, Ed Johnson was on the trail of international gun-runner Mario Coletti. His brain pattern was passed on to Joe 90 for his first big assignment to bring down the operation.

Igor Sladek – International Concerto

To the rest of the world, Sladek is a renowned concert pianist. To WIN, he’s a top agent with the perfect cover. During his international tour, he learned of plans for a new military airbase while performing at the Russian embassy. He faces arrest and quickly transmits a code to WIN, enabling Joe 90 and the team to perform a rescue operation.


kellyKelly – International Concerto

Kelly is an expert in spy technology and is able to scan the handwritten message from Igor Sladek’s pen to play the message recorded in the Russian embassy which revealed the plan for a new airbase.


Harry Sloane – Double Agent

Sloane is the head of WIN’s courier department. When three WIN couriers are killed, Shane Weston suspects there’s a double agent in the department and so Joe 90 is assigned to take on the next courier mission. He is given Harry Sloane’s brain pattern. But when Joe starts to divert from the original plan, it is discovered that Sloane was the double agent and Joe is tracking down his contacts!

Roger Fleming – The Fortress

In Santa Marina, South America, WIN Agent Roger Fleming is captured and taken to the Fortress for painful interrogation. Before his arrest, Fleming hides a top secret microfilm which Captain Trang and his men want to know the location of. Joe 90’s mission is to rescue Fleming and recover the microfilm.


laramieMike Laramie – The Fortress

In order to rescue Fleming from the Fortress, Joe is given the brain pattern of WIN agent Mike Laramie. Laramie had transferred the microfilm to Fleming and has a detailed knowledge of the area. When Fleming is safe in hospital, Mike is there in the bed next to him.

Agent 26 – aka ‘Fez’ – Attack of the Tiger

Somewhere in Asia, Agent 26 has discovered that the Eastern Alliance have completed building on a secret rocket base. He is spotted while surveying the complex and chased by soldiers. Agent 26 manages to reach a frontier post but is shot through a window while delivering the information.


Professor Baxter – Mission X-41

A virus by the name of X-41 has been isolated by Dr. Chang to use as a powerful weapon which can break down the molecular structure of anything it touches. Professor Baxter is a WIN scientist that has been assigned the task of searching for an antibody. He is infected by the virus and ends up falling ill. Joe 90 uses Baxter’s brain pattern to infiltrate Chang’s laboratory and steal the virus.

Agent 84 – Mission X-41


Agent 84 works with Joe 90 to obtain the X-41 virus from the enemy laboratory. He creates a diversion which enables the captured Joe to navigate the research station and locate the virus.

And that wraps up our list of WIN personnel. Are there any that we missed? Would you like to see more Joe 90 articles? Let us know!

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