Ep 6 – Lavender Castle

Katherine continues to offer up surprises as this week she chooses to watch the little-known Gerry Anderson series, Lavender Castle. The first episode may be short but sweet, but Jack and Katherine have plenty to chat about with this fantasy series which presents the duo with something quite different to the norm!

In partnership with fantasy artist Rodney Matthews, Gerry Anderson produced Lavender Castle using stop motion animation and CGI and the series was broadcast in 1999. Matthews’ concept and magnificent artwork formed the basis for some beautifully detailed puppets and sets. The series follows the voyage of Captain Thrice and the crew of his spaceship, the Paradox, as they travel across space in search of the elusive Lavender Castle, a great source of power and a force for good at the centre of the universe. The evil Doctor Agon wants to destroy Lavender Castle and plunge the universe into darkness. Good often triumphs over evil often in this light-hearted children’s series aimed at a much younger audience than previous Anderson series. Standby for Jack and Katherine’s opinions of this magical series…

Jack’s a massive Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Space: 1999 etc.) fan, and Katherine isn’t. In order to bring about peace in the household, Katherine has agreed to watch the first episode of every Gerry Anderson series in existence.

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