Coming Soon: Joe 90 | Project 90 Technical Operations Manual

Yes, the secret is out. I’m co-writing a book with that wonderful chap, Chris Thompson, to continue Anderson Entertainment’s line of in-universe technical manuals. The subject: Joe 90.

The announcement was made during a Joe 90 live discussion about the series streamed on Friday, March 17 across all Official Gerry Anderson social media channels. David Munday was in the referee’s chair (I’m not a sporty person but I assume some referees might have a chair) while I (Jack Knoll, Joe 90 enthusiast and Troy Tempest head spotter) debated the strengths of the show’s premise with Jamie Anderson, famed Joe 90 critic and son of the show’s co-creator, Gerry Anderson.

I’ll leave you to determine who won the argument, but after the bickering became too tiresome, artist and genius Chris Thompson joined the stream to blow our socks off with the grand reveal of the new Joe 90 | Project 90 Technical Operations Manual. The audience was stunned by the surprise and we all felt pretty dang proud of ourselves for keeping it a secret for so long.

In the style of the previous UFO and Space: 1999 manuals produced by Chris Thompson and Andrew Clements, the Joe 90 manual will showcase the very best technology that W.I.N. has to offer. The book will have the feel of an official training resource that Shane Weston and Sam Loover would hand out to all their top cadets on day one at the W.I.N. academy.

The manual will be a beautifully illustrated hardback book featuring in-depth diagrams and explanations surrounding the BIG RAT, Mac’s Jet Air Car, Joe’s spy case, plus a whole host of guest vehicles and equipment from the world of Joe 90. My particular focus for the book has been on exploring the characters’ biographies with reference to original source material produced by the series’ writers, Tony Barwick and Shane Rimmer. I will also be sharing thorough case files from the vaults of W.I.N. which showcase the daring exploits of Joe 90, including a couple you won’t have seen in the television series!

On March 31st, 2023, you’ll be able to pre-order the book from the Gerry Anderson store, and you can sign up for notifications right now by visiting And stay tuned for more news about the special edition release very soon!

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