Supermarionation Look-Alikes!

DISCLAIMER: This is a very silly article.

Have you ever looked at your favourite Supermarionation heroes and thought, “Oh my giddy goodness, that looks just like that actor/model/singer/generic famous person ‘such-and-such’, I wonder if other people see it too?”

Well fortunately there’s a website which will confirm your delusions… I mean theories! For your enjoyment, the Security Hazard blog has taken some classic Supermarionation characters and put them through the oh-so-reliable website CelebsLike.Me and seen which stars they resemble the most. The results are astoundingly… astounding.

Apparently Captain Scarlet looks like not one, but TWO tennis players depending on whether he’s being shot or not…


Aside from the obvious difference in hair colour, Alan Tracy and Sheena Easton… I mean I don’t know about you but I definitely see the similarity.


I think it’s fair to say we’d all LOVE to see Maggie Smith play the Duchess of Royston in a live action remake of The Duchess Assignment.


Because Lady Penelope’s boots are made for walkin’ too.


For a character specifically designed to look like a very particular person, it is remarkable how much Father Stanley Unwin from The Secret Service looks like Arthur C. Clarke.


If they ever decided to remake Magnum P.I. using puppets, apparently Captain Black’s the man for the job…


Stingray‘s Captain Troy Tempest was famously modelled on actor James Garner, although actor and singer John Lloyd Young also carries a quite a resemblance.


Masterspy from Supercar and Henry Kissinger… I’ll just let people make up their own minds on this one…


They both have fabulous hair that’s for sure.


Sadly Parker wasn’t allowed to participate in this game…


So apparently Brains looks more like Whoopi Goldberg than Rick Moranis…


Not Supermarionation, but I guess if Mark Hamill had said no to playing Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars, Ed Bishop (aka Commander Straker in UFO) could have taken up the part!

And finally, this…


Okay, so this website might be a little flawed. But if you want to waste an afternoon like me, try it out for yourself!

Which celebrities do you think resemble Gerry Anderson puppet characters? Comment below with your suggestions.

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