The Gerry Anderson Christmas Quiz

‘Tis the season to put on your favourite festive Gerry Anderson shows! Our gift to you this year is a Christmas quiz to sink your teeth into with a hot mince pie and a glass of whatever takes your fancy. Good luck and let us know how you did. There’s some tricky ones in there!

One thought on “The Gerry Anderson Christmas Quiz

  1. Hi all, and compliments of the season – Happy Holidays – to you all !!!

    I’m completely stunned… I got 100%… Oh S’truth, I am a Gerry Anderson anorak! My wife will NOT be amused, but I guess NOT surprised either.

    Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s work has touched so many people’s lives. Here’s my story.

    It was in very early in my childhood that I discovered the work of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson – Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, UFO et al.. Gerry and Sylvia’s work was like nothing else. It was magical, exciting, colourful; simply out of this world, and certainly out of mine. I was born with huge medical issues which dogged me until my late teens. That said, through those TV shows – which my father made it possible for me to see – I was able to transport my mind away from the pain and the horrible ordeal of my everyday medical nightmare, and travel in the worlds that Gerry and Sylvia created with their magical and superbly talented team. Through these magical worlds I could exist, and not become just a victim of my own body, the mind-numbing effects of countless operations, painkillers and the accidental killing by kindness approach of the people that surrounded me.

    Then, around 1970-1 my life was once again changed forever and to the good, oh it was so good! UFO, a science fiction TV series like no other before or since was unleashed. Whether it was my autism or just the result of what he had been though, UFO helped change my life. I understood the self-contained world in UFO, the people, the struggles, the stories, the mystery, the sinister, ascetic worlds. It became a reference point, a bridge that helped bring me out of a deeply impenetrable persona and helped me see the world for what is was. Apparently, and to the astonishment of those around me, I began to emerge from the dark veil of autism. The characters, the aliens, the vibrant colours, the logic: it all began to make sense. UFO was and has been a guiding light, reference, place of safety and a respite from pain. UFO changed my life forever, and it still does. Of course, that does not detract in any way the other shows.

    Of course, this may all sound all completely nuts to some, but it will mean something and make a connection to a few of you out there…

    Time has moved on, and UFO, Thunderbirds et al are now little worlds frozen in time and space. But, worlds it is possible to understand. Characters who can be understood and aspired to. The leading character of Commander Straker became like a mentor, and a father figure when my own father died at an early age. A devastating event for anyone, but more so for an eleven year old autistic boy.

    Thanks to the work of Gerry and Sylvia and their wonderful and amazing team: they helped change my life and made it better … much, much better. Thank you!

    Also, thank you Jamie, Mary and ALL the others who are keeping the light shining…

    Happy Christmas, everyone!

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