Thunderbirds – 17. Desperate Intruder

Directed by David Lane

Teleplay by Donald Robertson

First Broadcast – 18th November 1965

Brains is placed firmly in the centre of the action in this week’s episode as he becomes the only member of International Rescue to meet The Hood one on one. When an attempt was made to give him a prominent role in Day of Disaster he ended up being sidelined as the comic relief. Here the focus is only deadly danger and some of the most disturbing moments ever seen in Thunderbirds. There’s no question that The Hood is back to the level of nasty last seen way back in Trapped In The Sky.

Lots of cool stuff in the montage this week. Cool vehicles, an underwater temple, The Hood in disguise and poor Brains certainly seems to be in a spot of bother!


We start off at The Hood’s temple as the title card appears. Desperate Intruder is another one of those fairly vague episode titles, but I like it. Maybe someone will name a racing horse after it one day…


Ray Barrett gives a deliciously nasty performance as The Hood in this episode, often putting the emphasis on words in the most peculiar ways. The Hood is aware that International Rescue are going on a treasure hunting expedition, and if Edge of Impact has taught us anything, it’s that he really loves treasure. Of course, we don’t know how The Hood gained knowledge of the expedition in the first place. Maybe it was during a routine psychic torture call to his half-brother…

Revealing the statue of Kyrano, The Hood tries to make contact. A red light overwhelms Kyrano in the Tracy Island kitchen as he falls to the floor. This is the first time a light has been seen to affect Kyrano during one of these attacks. It’s also worth noting that this is the last time The Hood makes a psychic attack on his half brother in the series. A deleted scene from the Thunderbirds Are Go movie would, however, have featured The Hood contacting Kyrano to learn of International Rescue’s plans concerning Zero-X.


Kyrano is definitely getting the rough treatment this week.


The Hood is merciless with his power. He’s back to being the ruthless villain that we first saw. Kyrano reveals that the expedition to Lake Anasta will be leaving tomorrow, not giving The Hood much time to prepare…


At International Rescue HQ, Tin-Tin and Brains are getting ready to set off while Scott and John place their orders. That’s right, John is home, and he’s smiling! Scott wants a gem or two because apparently that’s the ‘in vogue’ Christmas present this year… whatever you say Scott. John wants a dirty old bar of gold because he secretly dreams about being a pirate. Tin-Tin has a bag bearing the Air Terrainean logo which she presumably acquired when she flew with them on board Fireflash in Trapped In The Sky. Most people probably wouldn’t keep a souvenir of their first major plane crash but apparently Tin-Tin has.


It also turns out that Scott has been going through their stuff as he mentions the “fetching new swimsuits” that he spotted… even though Tin-Tin’s swimsuit is the same one she wore last week in Edge of Impact, and Brains’ just isn’t terribly fetching.


Kyrano announces that everything is ready for them to leave. You’d have thought he might mention that they’re in deadly danger after his chat with The Hood. At this point I can only assume that Kyrano has a touch of amnesia after every psychic attack because he’s willingly putting his only daughter into what he would otherwise know was a serious trap. Not to mention the number of scrapes he’s just allowed International Rescue to get into without any remorse whatsoever.


Virgil’s a bit grumpy that he’s being used as a taxi service so rather than transmitting a radio message he just flashes the eyes on his portrait a couple of times.


Jeff instructs Scott to “take over the talk-back for the launch.” This is the first of two times in this episode, and this episode only, that keeping radio communication open is referred to as ‘talk-back’. It’s a real term used for exactly this scenario, I just find it odd that this is the only episode in the series that actually gives it that name.


Brains, Tin-Tin, and Virgil set off for Lake Anasta. It’s only just occurred to me how incredibly uncomfortable those passenger seats in Thunderbird 2 must be.


Kyrano apparently has fears… I’m pretty certain that he must have no recollection at all about his conversation with The Hood because otherwise he’s a bit of a heartless monster. Can we also just point out how bizarre Jeff’s outfit is?


In the silence of the desert, a huge truck comes bounding over the sand dunes. It’s an impressive looking model, and sadly never used again in the series, at least in a major appearance.


The Hood is at the wheel and he’s not enjoying the trip in the least. How he got this truck all the way out to the Egypt in 24 hours we’ll never know.

He’s rather chuffed when he drives over a dune and discovers the crisp, blue waters of Lake Anasta stretching out before him. Incidentally, Lake Anasta is entirely fictional.

Up in Thunderbird 2, Tin-Tin spots the pyramids. In Thunderbird 6 when Skyship 1 visits the area, she claims to have never seen them, despite looking straight at them here. This model set certainly isn’t a bad likeness to the real site of the Pyramids of Giza.

With not particularly extreme stealth, Virgil brings Thunderbird 2 into land. A slightly different puppet is clearly used for the shot of him adjusting the controls. It actually looks like a stock shot has been used although I can’t identify when/if it was originally used elsewhere.


Pod 5 is opened to reveal Brains and Tin-Tin driving out a desert jeep pulling two caravans. The jeep model has been repainted since its appearances in The Uninvited and The Mighty Atom. This episode and presumably any material featuring the truck in The Uninvited and The Mighty Atom was shot before the truck was then adapted to remove the tracks for its appearance in Cry Wolf and additional material for Martian Invasion. The black label on the truck is supposed to read ‘Anasta Expedition’ as it appears on the puppet set, but something tells me that isn’t what the label on the model says.


Barry Gray’s rousing desert music is a splendid addition to the episode. This puppet set of the jeep is similar to the set previously used for the jeep in The Uninvited and The Mighty Atom, but with a few adaptations take from elsewhere including the windscreen, the black padding at the back and the height of the seat and steering wheel. Also, Brains’ hat looks a bit silly. The whole outfit is the same one that he wore in additional material for The Uninvited.


This shot of Thunderbird 2 taking off was also seen in what ones assumes is additional material for Move – And You’re Dead.

Meanwhile, driving down “the other desert highway” is a beaten up old ‘luxury taxi’ owned by Hassan Ali. He is bringing in Professor Blakely who is yet another lovely British chap voiced by Peter Dyneley. He brings some delightful comic relief to an otherwise serious episode. Brains and Tin-Tin seem to carry out most of the expedition without him so other than being a nice fellow, I’m not entirely sure what his role is supposed to be.


The taxi gives off a series of loud bangs as it trundles through the desert. I’ve always enjoyed that.

The jeep has parked up by a seemingly random building. The interior of the caravan has a huge decorative rock on the wall for some reason. More importantly it re-uses many of the same elements from the set of the Pacific-Atlantic Monorail coach seen in Brink of Disaster including the bar, the rounded walls, and the table.


Professor Blakely soon arrives. It would appear that he’s been sitting on his luggage for the entire journey.


Brains and Tin-Tin are clearly completely baffled by Blakely whose hair gets slightly browner towards the back. Behind them is one of the massive legs of the Sidewinder from Pit of Peril.


The cab driver takes his payment and goes on his way. He was a splendid guest character while he lasted.


So Brains and Tin-Tin are now stuck with the professor for the rest of the trip. They all decide to have a drink in the caravan rather than rushing to the lake. What fun.

Down at the water’s edge, The Hood backs up his truck and something amazing happens. The whole rear section unfolds to reveal a submarine which slides down a ramp into the lake. The truck really is an incredible machine and an ingenious creation. It is just so Thunderbirds.


It must be said though that the submarine itself does look a bit like a toy entering a bath tub. The model is just a little too brightly painted I think. Underwater it looks much more imposing.


The truck is swiftly folded back up and The Hood drives it away, not realising that where ever he chooses to hide it, he’s going to have to walk back.

The explorers continue their journey to the lake. They drive alongside the Anasta pipeline which presumably supplies water to a nearby settlement. It might be a good idea to bury those underground at some point before some psychopathic bald chap comes along and decides he wants to blow them up or something. The team drive over the hill and are greeted with the same shot of the lake that The Hood gawped at earlier.


But they’re not alone! I can’t believe that nobody spotted this fairly brightly coloured periscope sticking up in the middle of the lake.


That’s right, The Hood is watching. The submarine looks much more realistic in the depths of the water.


The Hood has time for a quick pun about them being “dead on time.” Wow, he’s a right nutter. You can see the disguise that he wears later in the back of this shot as well as his scuba gear.


The sub descends into the murky water as we head for a suspenseful commercial break.

The team are all set up at the side of the lake. For some reason the professor has a test tube full of green stuff – one assumes it’s lake water. Brains and Tin-Tin are going to make their first survey of the temple submerged in the depths. Tin-Tin wears the same hideous swimsuit she wore in Edge of Impact and Brains is wearing a suit previously worn by either Mike Bromely or Chick Kingsland in the Stingray episode Secret of the Giant Oyster. Tin-Tin says they’ll be the first people to visit the temple in over 100 years. Presumably the folks 100 years ago had no idea there was treasure buried inside…


Blakely barks at them to bring him back something interesting. He really is a fun character. That little smirk permanently stuck to his face will either make you want to hug him or punch him.


As ever, the swimming shots in this episode are superbly well achieved. With the characters specially strung horizontally, the puppeteers would have had to walk gracefully down the length of the overhead bridge while carrying and operating these incredibly heavy marionettes. Considering all that, the movement is pretty much flawless. The bed of the lake is strewn with magnificent rocks and plants, many of which were no doubt left over from Stingray.


Brains and Tin-Tin pause for a moment to admire the remains of the temple which is another very nice model set.


The Hood is watching from his submarine. On the port side it has the markings ‘3E’ but on this starboard side it reads ‘E3’… you can choose your favourite.


They certainly went to town on dressing this set. There’s so many dials and lights and switches that I doubt The Hood would know what they all did.


Brains and Tin-Tin swim through the remains of the temple which is just littered with debris and plant life. The statue which Scott used for cover during his gunfight with Lindsey in The Uninvited can be spotted among many other sculptures.

With pure intuition, Tin-Tin picks a random column of the temple from which to extract a sample. Brains goes to town with his handy little pickaxe.


Professor Blakely is informed of the situation. He’s about to tuck into his lunch – a plate of rocks… Absolutely bonkers.


Carrying the rock sample out of the temple, the first part of the mission is complete. Perhaps not the most interesting part of the episode, but it establishes some stuff at least.


The Hood knows that they’ve found something but for some reason wasn’t paying enough attention to the specific spot where they picked it up. He intends to use some persuasion to get the information… and by persuasion he does of course mean torture and general nastiness.


Back at the caravan, Brains is digging through the sample which now clearly looks like some hastily painted polystyrene.


Keeping us all in suspense, Professor Blakely has a good long look at this ball of mud. The expression on his face makes it look like he’s made a friend.


The professor happily announces that this sample does indeed contain some treasure. Hurrah! Time to case the joint.


The campsite is bathed in moonlight which reflects stunningly off of the surface of the lake. What a nice shot.

Brains inspects the jewel through a magnifying glass. Even though he’s clearly just talking to himself, it looks very much like he’s addressing the audience at home. He expresses his excitement at going to find more evidence tomorrow.


A knock at the door ushers Brains over…


AGH! Yeah 5-year-old me would literally be cowering in fear by this point in the episode. It’s a very sudden reveal and when you know what The Hood is about to do it’s absolutely terrifying.


There are no words for just how disturbing this moment is.

As Brains collapses from the hypnosis, his glasses fall off. I know we don’t actually see that happen, but it should be pretty obvious that’s what has happened. Brains is left with a cold, dead stare. There is no doubt that this scene was intended to scare the willies out of children.


The Hood removes his mask which is also an incredibly creepy moment. This really is haunting stuff.

Meanwhile, in the Tracys’ kitchen, Kyrano wanders around like nothing’s wrong. Scott comes in doing a walk which can only be described as artificial. The family except for Alan (who is presumably in Thunderbird 5) and Virgil (who is presumably out drinking) are assembled for a meal. Scott conveys the news that the treasure has been found.


Grandma is intensely unhappy. Jeff sums it up best, saying she looks like she’s swallowed her egg spoon, which isn’t really the nicest way to talk about your own mother. She thinks Tin-Tin is being ruddy greedy by taking all that treasure.


The all-knowing Scott says that it’s all in the interest of science and the treasure will be studied by Professor Blakely… and definitely not used to make a gold-encrusted moustache trimmer…

A whip pan transition delivers us the truly unnerving image of Brains buried up to his neck in the sand where he has presumably been in the sun for many hours. One can’t begin to imagine how unpleasant that would be.


From Brains’ point of view we can see the caravans in the distance, and a semi-successful attempt has been made to try and convey the waves of heat in his vision.


A great job has been made of repainting his face to demonstrate his dry, cracked lips and worn out eyes.

Inside the caravans, The Hood has been up to no good too. Tin-Tin is sitting by her bedside fixed in a trance. In the laboratory, the entire place has been ransacked and Professor Blakely is badly beaten up on the floor. The Hood has never been this actively violent. He’s fired guns and sabotaged this and that but to imagine him flipping over furniture and beating people up is very unsettling. He truly is a bad egg… and not just because he looks like one.

Back in his disguise, The Hood attempts to get the location of the treasure out of Brains who deliriously keeps asking for water until passing out.

Jeff, entirely unaware of the trouble the expedition team is in, attempts to make contact. Kyrano gets to use his angry face for the second time since Sun Probe. A new addition has been made to the panel behind Jeff’s desk in the form of the ‘Auto Transmission Unit’ label. The equipment itself has been there all along, but this script specifically called for that name to be added to it. It can therefore be spotted in the episodes filmed after Desperate Intruder, including additional material for earlier episodes. It can be spotted in shots added to City of FireThe UninvitedVault of Death, Operation Crash-Dive, and Move – And You’re Dead indicating that they were all extended (at least in part) after Desperate IntruderMartian Invasion also has additional scenes filmed at Jeff’s desk which feature even later modifications made for especially for Security Hazard.


Anyway, that aside, Jeff is worried about the radio silence.

Another whip pan transition brings us back to the lake where Tin-Tin is still away with the fairies and completely oblivious to Jeff’s radio calls.

Using the code buttons, Jeff is still unable to make contact. He points out to Scott that Brains is overdue for his routine call by 14 minutes which is apparently a big deal for Brains. Even Scott agrees that it’s unusual.


A sudden alarm signal indicates that there’s trouble. We never learn how the emergency signal is triggered. With everyone at Lake Anasta either unconscious or buried in the sand it doesn’t make much sense. But never mind that, Thunderbirds Are Go!


Jeff quickly has Thunderbirds 1 and 2 blast off, the urgency effectively conveyed by the lack of full launch sequences.

After a commercial break, Tin-Tin is still staring into space but Brains is looking even worse for wear with an extra serving of green paint under his eyes. The Hood is watching from his sub and plans to try and ask Brains where the treasure is again. Ray Barrett continues to make every single line drip with malevolence.


The Hood is furious when he spots the arrival of Thunderbird 1!


The tension builds as Scott reports seeing nothing at all until he finally spots Brains buried in the sand!


But Grandma is only concerned about Tin-Tin, probably because she feels bad about accusing her of theft earlier.

Watching Thunderbird 1 touch down, The Hood declares that he could come up with a new plan to destroy International Rescue utterly… after he has the treasure… The Hood has never particularly wanted to get rid of International Rescue altogether. He just wants to sell their secrets. Maybe that’s what he means by destroy… who knows.


Scott quickly finds Brains but rather than trying to get him out of the sand straight away or bring him some water, he first delivers a little quiz to find out what happened… thanks Scott.


“A veritable swarm of Thunderbirds!” A very good line from The Hood as Thunderbird 2 touches down.


He engages the ‘photoscope’ which presumably records everything he can see through the periscope.


Naturally this triggers the automatic camera detector on Thunderbird 1 which Scott does acknowledge later, but beyond that they don’t actually take any action or show that much concern about it. It’s more of a lucky coincidence that the photos/footage gets destroyed later (as far as we know).

Virgil comes to Tin-Tin’s rescue while Gordon helps Brains, presumably having just stuffed Professor Blakely in a broom cupboard or something.


Virgil comforts Tin-Tin who is able to give a vague recollection of her attack, again suggesting that The Hood’s powers can induce amnesia. She mentions that she might actually know her attacker somehow. Both the 2004 Thunderbirds movie and the 2015 Thunderbirds Are Go TV series heavily reference the fact that The Hood is Tin-Tin’s uncle, but in the original series this is the only moment when that fact comes anywhere close to being acknowledged by her, or indeed anyone.


Because of her enormous eyelashes, Tin-Tin really struggles to close her eyes when she blinks.


Back at base, everyone is thrilled that Brains and Tin-Tin are safe. Grandma’s finally managed to pass that egg spoon. Jeff orders that the Anasta Expedition be terminated and that everyone come back to base in the morning once Professor Blakely has been taken to hospital. Why they don’t just take him in a Thunderbird and get it over with I don’t know.


Brains is looking remarkably well considering his ordeal. He should look like a lobster after that spell in the sun. Scott delivers the news but also announces that the photo-alert has been operating in Thunderbird 1! Gordon yells with outrage because of how preposterous the notion is – he really does struggle with finding his ‘indoor voice’ sometimes. Brains figures out that the whole thing has been a carefully laid out trap… I mean it wasn’t really because The Hood never planned for the Thunderbird machines to actually turn up. He just wants the treasure. They should have just let him have it actually, then he’d be rich and leave them alone at last.

Night falls once again at the lake. A shadow is cast across Tin-Tin while she sleeps in her bed. The disturbance wakes her up with a fright!


It’s only Brains in a bright pink wetsuit, that’s nothing to be afraid of… probably. Anyway, he wants to go down to the temple again to try and find the person responsible for causing all this trouble and definitely not to go down and grab some more treasure… Tin-Tin agrees to listen out for him on talk-back and to keep it a secret from the boys.

Taking exactly the same path as before, Brains swims into the temple and pulls away some more rock to reveal a number of jewels, confirming the location of the treasure.

But then Brains finds a cable at the base of the column. It triggers an alarm (as indicated by a label that says ‘ALARM’) in The Hood’s sub! The question is, seeing as Brains never told The Hood the location of the treasure, is it just pure luck that The Hood put the cable in the place that Brains was going to look first? Also, how long was The Hood prepared to wait for someone to come back down to the temple? How did he even know that anyone would?

Brains attempts to follow the cable while Tin-Tin frets over the radio.

Meanwhile, The Hood exits his submarine and swims through the temple, the music hinting that he has something menacing up his sleeve.

Brains is soon confronted with a pair of feet belonging to The Hood. His eyes begin to glow once again, looking absolutely terrifying through that mask and heavy eyebrows. I mean really, this is the episode to traumatise your children with.


Over the radio, Brains’ voice quivers about “those staring eyes” while The Hood hovers there like some kind of demon.


Eventually Brains collapses… even though he’s underwater and would probably just float to the surface… unless the pressure has done something weird. I don’t know, it just seems a bit odd that someone can fall over underwater.


On the surface, the sun is rising and it looks rather pretty.


Tin-Tin has summoned the unshaven Tracy trio who have all gotten their uniforms on while Tin-Tin remains in her dressing gown…

Before anyone can do anything, The Hood triggers some pre-laid charges and destroys the temple because he’s evil and we haven’t had a big explosion yet. Actually, it’s his plan to get the treasure… even though he doesn’t actually go out to get any treasure…


Brains gets buried under a pillar and an enormous amount of sand. The poor guy will never want to go to the beach again.

Thunderbird 2 rises up to reveal Pod 4. The large pod door opens, looking very green indeed. The launch rail slowly extends. This is the first time Thunderbird 4 is seen launching from the shoreline rather than the pod being dropped in the middle of the water.


The Thunderbird 4 model is noticeably grubbier than usual, the dirtying down process working a treat to make her look like a well used machine.


Scott has set up his mobile control centre outside of the caravan. He actually offers to help Gordon out if needed. That’s right, Scott actually might do something helpful this week.

Gordon arrives at the temple and announces that Brains could not have possibly survived, which is a rather pessimistic attitude for happy-go-lucky Gordon Tracy. We get some lovely, albeit repetitive, shots of Thunderbird 4 sweeping back and forth across the ruins.


The Hood is watching… surely some sort of scanner on Thunderbird 4 would have spotted him that nearby?


Gordon sees some air bubbles which suggest Brains is buried under the rubble. That’s a surprisingly good deduction. I’d have thought a ‘Brains Detector’ on Thunderbird 4 would just go ‘bing’ whenever Gordon got close. Nice bit of clever writing there. He encourages Scott to bring down the “aerostatic lifting kit.” That sounds very impressive, I wonder what it might be…

The Hood watches as Thunderbird 4 gets into position. He says he’s going to “destroy International Rescue and then collect the treasure.” Wow, he’s actually going to attack and blow up Thunderbird 4! Scary stuff!

He has plenty of time to line up the shot and opens fire… but misses and hits the pillar above Thunderbird 4. This completely gives the game away, alerts Gordon, and basically prevents The Hood from succeeding. Nice job.


He fires another shot which actually causes a pretty big explosion on Thunderbird 4. Has he done some serious damage this time?!


Well The Hood certainly seems to think so, as he starts to turn and run in the other direction. But what about the treasure?


Still smoking, Thunderbird 4 starts to give chase very, very slowly. Why didn’t The Hood just fire one more torpedo and knock it out completely? He’s clearly damaged her, why not finish it off? And why am I rooting for The Hood here?

For some unknown reason, The Hood decides to run away as fast as possible, giving Thunderbird 4 time to somehow recover from the damage and catch up just enough to open fire and blow up the rear of the submarine… it’s a tense sequence and everything, but it doesn’t make all that much sense.

Apparently the Midship has started flooding, although The Hood’s sub is quite small so I’d have thought the whole thing was under threat. Very melodramatically The Hood declares that his motors are flooding. Ray Barrett deserved an award for his performance in this episode. It may well be the case that the limited number of guest characters in this episode really allowed the voice cast to give it their best with their main characters.

The Hood escapes just in time before the entire sub explodes in a ball of fire which can be seen on the surface. Presumably this means the footage he took of the Thunderbird machines earlier has been destroyed. That’s lucky. Someone should have kept an eye on the shoreline of the lake to catch him when he climbed out. But no, The Hood gets away again.


Needless to say Virgil and Tin-Tin are a bit spooked by the detonation, and Virgil fully takes over mobile control, even sitting in Scott’s special seat…

Gordon heads back to the ruins of the temple which are littered with cheap necklaces… I mean treasure. Poor Scott is lumbered with a horrendously ugly yellow swimsuit. He carries the lifting kit in a big red box as well as a harpoon gun and some arrows… in case of an emergency…

The lifting kit is attached to the pillar and engaged. Yes, that’s right, it’s a balloon. To be fair, that is what aerostatics refers to, but still, it’s not a terribly impressive or technologically advanced piece of equipment.


It does the job though and the pillar begins to rise…


But the rope is starting to split…


Will Gordon have enough time to pull Brains out?


It’s hanging by a thread!


Scott! Why are you not helping?!

Gordon manages to pull Brains out a split second before the pillars crashes to the ground. Phew! That was close!


Back on the surface, a medical helijet (or medi-jet if you’re feeling hip and cool) takes Professor Blakely to the loony bin… I mean hospital. It’s the same helijet from End of the Road repainted.


Virgil appears to speak straight to camera, believing the professor is in for a surprise when he wakes up. Blakely seems like the sort of guy that would be surprised by just about anything.


This hospital building was last seen as a bank in Day of Disaster during the journey of the Martian Space Probe.


Tin-Tin and Brains have been good enough to go and visit the professor. Brains has his arm in a sling and certainly looks worse for wear after that accident. Look at that table full of medication… that’s all for Professor Blakely…


Behind Blakely on the shelf is Jeff’s intercom device from Operation Crash-Dive. Not discouraged in the slightest, the professor tries to tease Brains and Tin-Tin with another treasure hunting adventure…


But they’re not interested and attempt to leave as quickly as possible. Ah well.


Brains and Tin-Tin agree that they should stick to rescues in future. It’s been jolly nice to have these two at the heart of an adventure this week though.


I want a spin-off series which is basically Professor Blakely doing the show Time Team. I’d love that.

Desperate Intruder is hands down the best episode for The Hood in the Thunderbirds series. The episode is tailored to make his character the central threat, and the remote location and restricted guest cast give him more power than ever before. He gets to be truly evil and utterly sadistic and that’s what he really needs to be in order to have any impact as a villain. He is dangerous and unstoppable… right up until the end when he changes his plan a little too much and ends up losing his grip.

Brains and Tin-Tin lead the episode well, and the story is tailored to them also. As International Rescue’s boffins they don’t necessarily lend themselves to being hands on in an adventure, so Desperate Intruder puts them to a completely different use with the expedition and gives them the story they needed to shine. The plot may be flawed in places but overall Desperate Intruder is a great piece of drama which gives the characters an opportunity to take centre stage instead of the technology. Donald Robertson has certainly proved himself as a writer for the series and he has more great episodes to follow. David Lane is also going from strength to strength as a director for the series.

Next week, a fire at the Hudson Building brings International Rescue to the heart of a bigger plot by the Erdman Gang to cause mass destruction! Stay tuned for 30 Minutes After Noon.

5 thoughts on “Thunderbirds – 17. Desperate Intruder

  1. This is a great recap of one of my favorite episodes, and yes, the Hood seems specially designed this week to scare the bejezus out of the under-sixes. When my son and I watched it last year, he was terrified. This and Attack of the Alligators! both had him leaving the room in fear… but it’s still his favorite show.


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