Operation Anderthon Podcast Trailer

Starting Friday, October 18th, 2019 on the Security Hazard blog, a brand new podcast from Jack and his wife, Katherine, will begin!

Jack’s a massive Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Space: 1999 etc.) fan, and Katherine isn’t. In order to bring about peace in the household, Katherine has agreed to watch the first episode of every Gerry Anderson series in existence.

But there’s a twist! Each week, Katherine has to draw three random series from a jar of possibilities, and then choose just one of those options to sit down and watch. As soon as the episode is over, Jack and Katherine regroup to talk about what they’ve just seen.

But wait, there’s more! When Katherine’s in need of a little international rescue of her own to help choose which show to watch, she can rely on five lifelines based on the amazing Thunderbird machines. Once she’s used them though, that’s it – they’re gone for the rest of the series!

Each week we’ll be getting a fresh perspective from Katherine on a Gerry Anderson series or pilot episode, along with nuggets of expertise from Jack who just can’t keep his opinion to himself…

Tune in every Friday for a new episode. Subscribe or follow for the latest updates!

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