Ep 20 – Joe 90

Katherine and Jack take their final outing into Supermarionation this week with Joe 90. What will Katherine make of Professor McClaine’s attempts to brainwash his young son, Joe, and sending him off on missions to single-handedly take down the most powerful criminals in the world?

Nine-year-old secret agent Joe 90 is the most special agent of the World Intelligence Network. Joe 90 follows the daring adventures of Joe McClaine, a young boy who is sent on dangerous spy missions thanks to his father’s invention, the BIG RAT – the Brain Impulse Galvanoscope Record And Transfer. Professor Ian McClaine shows no hesitation about experimenting on his son’s brain, and only puts up a fight when his best friend Sam Loover, and his boss Shane Weston, want to send Joe on dangerous missions to bring down the biggest names in international espionage. One week he’s an ace pilot, the next an expert aquanaut – Joe 90 can learn just about any skills to get the job done while avoiding all suspicion from the world’s military and criminal organisations. First broadcast in 1968, Joe 90 maintains a special place in television history for continuing the Supermarionation tradition, but with stories that were more character-driven than hardware focused. But what did Jack and Katherine make of this new approach?

Jack’s a massive Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Space: 1999 etc.) fan, and Katherine isn’t. In order to bring about peace in the household, Katherine has agreed to watch the first episode of every Gerry Anderson series in existence.

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