Every Explosion In Thunderbirds (Video)

Watch your eardrums everybody. The follow-up to my Every F.A.B. In Thunderbirds video is finally here, but this time it was impossible to keep count because of the explosive circumstances. The world of Thunderbirds is full of things that go whizz, bang, pop and everything in between. I thought it would be awfully fun to compile all of those terrific explosions into one handy video. I didn’t realise it would be quite this long – but I should have known better.

The only rule I set for myself was to not include any guns, cannons, rockets, or thrusters firing – those would be considered more controlled combustion. However, my “scientific” findings soon revealed that the episode Sun Probe contained no other big bangs beyond the retro rockets firing on the eponymous solar spacecraft and Thunderbird 3 – so I decided to include those as an exception to the rule. Give Or Take A Million and Introducing Thunderbirds didn’t even permit that exception, so I hope my creative substitutions prove satisfactory.

Speaking of Introducing Thunderbirds, yes, I have included the wonderful anniversary episodes produced in 2015. UK viewers can watch all three of them on Britbox right now! I’ve also included the feature films, Thunderbirds Are Go and Thunderbird 6, partly because they contain some pretty big kabooms, and partly because everyone complained when I left them out of the F.A.B. video.

So, what does this Every Explosion In Thunderbirds video demonstrate exactly? Well firstly it shows us that I don’t know how to best use my free time. Secondly, it showcases the genius of Derek Meddings and his special effects crew. Thunderbirds just wouldn’t be Thunderbirds without the spectacle of destruction contributing to the drama, and the AP Films/Century 21 team certainly perfected the artform.

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