End of Eternity: A Look Back on 2020

2020 has proven to be about as much fun as one of Doctor Fawn’s lectures on the physiology of the lower primates. This year has been a bumpy one for us at Security Hazard HQ, with the full spectrum of life’s problems filing along one after another, like an endless conveyor belt of Thunderbird 2’s pods… except each pod contained disappointment and a lingering sense of dread, rather than something fun like the Mole or the D.O.M.O.

Gotta love the D.O.M.O.

ANYWAY, the good news is that I’m ending the year on a positive note. I am forever grateful for the wonderful community of Security Hazard followers which has continued to grow this year, and I wanted to take a look back on what’s been happening.

Katherine and I wrapped up our first season of the Operation Anderthon podcast back in March. We had hoped to return to the airwaves for Season 2 a lot sooner, but life got in the way a bit. But do not despair! Katherine and I have been planning the format of our next season and we’re excited to start recording in the new year. More news on that soon (provided the moon doesn’t blast out of orbit or something)!

2020 also brought you videos you never knew you needed like a compilation of every explosion in Thunderbirds…

…and this tutorial on how to build a LEGO Fireball XL5…

Speaking of LEGO – I’ve been busy in that department. From Zero-X to Gabriel from The Secret Service, it’s been a joy to combine my Anderson passion with my LEGO obsession.

You can also support Andrew Clark’s brilliant classic Thunderbird 2 and Thunderbird 1 designs on LEGO Ideas right now and hopefully get them made into an official sets!

We’ve had new Anderson-inspired productions to enjoy! Anderson Entertainment’s First Action Bureau debuted on all major podcast platforms, and Century 21 Films have launched Nebula-75 to great success on YouTube!

I’ve also been fortunate enough to contribute to a brand new season of Century 21 Tech Talk, make a cameo in an animated adaptation of the Zero-X comic strip Planet of Bones, and nit-pick like crazy with some more Unanswerable Anderson Questions. Perhaps most impressive of all is this Thunderbirds-inspired short film, Behemoth, which finally debuted after six years in production and features me pressing buttons and looking important.

Another highlight of the year was hosting my first ever livestream over on Facebook back in March. It was thrilling to chat and play games with so many Anderson fans from all over the world. Time permitting I would have loved to stream more this year but unfortunately it just didn’t happen. Let me know if it’s the sort of thing you would be interested in seeing more of, and maybe I can make it happen in 2021!

Despite the hardships of this year, I hope something Anderson-related has been able to bring a smile to your face in 2020, whether it be finding like-minded fans online to buddy up with, or just having some extra time to sit down and watch a good old chunk of your favourite series.

Thank you to Andrew Clements and Chris Thompson for allowing me to continue making epic and silly things with them. Thank you to Anderson Entertainment and Century 21 Films for any and all shout-outs they’ve given to this humble blog on social media and beyond. And, of course, an enormous thank you to my wife, Katherine, who has stuck by me through thick and thin and supported me in every conceivable way.

Consider subscribing to the Security Hazard blog for updates, follow me on Facebook and Twitter, and until the next time – F.A.B.!

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