Ep 10 – The Adventures Of Twizzle

In the grips of despair Katherine decides that the time has come to go right back to the very beginning of Gerry Anderson’s television career and watch The Adventures Of Twizzle. Jack isn’t happy. Katherine doesn’t care.

Ep 3 – Torchy The Battery Boy

It had to happen eventually… but did it have to be quite so soon? For reasons best left unexplained Katherine has chosen to watch Torchy The Battery Boy this week. Jack is left bewildered by the selection, considering that two other superior options were also on the table. The pair soldier on regardless with 15 minutes of disturbing viewing. Will Pom-Pom And The Toys push Katherine and Jack to the limit?

How Not To Do Supermarionation: Roberta Leigh’s ‘Paul Starr’

Many of you will know the name Roberta Leigh for her role in giving Gerry Anderson and AP Films their first television series – The Adventures of Twizzle. This followed into a series of Torchy The Battery Boy. By the end of 26 episodes of Torchy, AP Films had just about enough money saved up to produce a pilot episode for their own series, Four Feather Falls. The formula of a charming idea and great writing along more sophisticated puppetry proved to be a tremendous success for the team who went on to find success with Lew Grade and the creation of Supermarionation.