Ep 11 – Thunderbirds

In this F.A.B. festive edition of Operation Anderthon, Jack and Katherine are ready to take on the biggest Anderson series of them all: Thunderbirds. From lemon squeezers, to palm trees, to Katherine’s controversial comments about Thunderbird 2, this week’s podcast has it all!

Thunderbirds – 21. Cry Wolf

On the surface, Cry Wolf doesn’t have a lot going for it. It’s fundamentally a lighter story about teaching a couple of children a lesson which ends up going a bit wrong. There’s not much impressive machinery or seriously large scale disasters going on. The premise is a little more warm and fluffy in comparison to other episodes, at least to start with anyway. But is there more to this episode than just being ‘that one with the kids’?

Thunderbirds – 17. Desperate Intruder

Brains is placed firmly in the centre of the action in this week’s episode as he becomes the only member of International Rescue to meet The Hood one on one. When an attempt was made to give him a prominent role in Day of Disaster he ended up being sidelined as the comic relief. Here the focus is only deadly danger and some of the most disturbing moments ever seen in Thunderbirds. There’s no question that The Hood is back to the level of nasty last seen way back in Trapped In The Sky.

Thunderbirds – 10. Martian Invasion

Martian Invasion is a bizarre mix of a fairly ordinary rescue of two film actors trapped in a cave combined with what could have been one of the most important moments in the series – International Rescue’s capture of The Hood. How does this exciting opportunity play out? Let’s take a look.