John Tracy’s Greatest Moments

Thunderbird 5 is where all the action is at. And International Rescue’s most dynamic hero, John Tracy, is at the centre of it all with a watchful eye on the world. Here’s a collection of his most exciting moments from the classic series.

1. That time he just stood there all silent and mysterious in Trapped in the Sky.


2. That time he needed a clipboard to deliver as many cold hard facts as possible in Pit of Peril.


3. “Metal fatigue?” – That time when John solved the mystery of Fireflash 3’s crash in Operation Crash-Dive… and was proved completely wrong… and then didn’t say another word for the rest of the episode.


4. That time he really wanted a dirty old bar of gold in Desperate Intruder… and then didn’t say another word for the rest of the episode.


5.”Wow-wee that’s serious!” – That time John got a little too excited about Britain being wiped out by a nuclear disaster in 30 Minutes After Noon.


6. That time he actually got to go out on a rescue in Danger At Ocean Deep. He didn’t actually do much though. He had an argument with Scott afterwards though because he’s a thug like that.


7. That time when John used his angry face for the first and only time during the series in The Duchess Assignment. He was obviously really concerned about the Duchess of Royston.


8. That time when bed head took over in Atlantic Inferno.


9. That time John had the incredible ability to speak with Gordon’s voice in Ricochet.


10. That time he was too darn dedicated to come home for Christmas in Give or Take a Million.


John Tracy, we salute you for standing up to the producers and proving that you were a good character… by doing next to nothing for most of the series… well done. But hey, at least you got a bit more to do in the new series.




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