Ep 16 – The Protectors

Action, suspense and drama await Jack and Katherine this week as they sit down to watch the live action Gerry Anderson series, The Protectors! Will Katherine be able to handle the high altitude adventure and unapologetic grooviness of this classic 1970s television show?

With no fantasy or science fiction elements whatsoever, The Protectors, first broadcast in 1972, was quite a departure for producer Gerry Anderson. The live action series starred Robert Vaughn, Nyree Dawn Porter, and Tony Anholt as a team of private detectives taking on missions to protect innocent individuals all over the world. Protectors, Harry Rule, Contessa Caroline di Contini and Paul Buchet became involved in adventures ranging from kidnapping, diplomatic incidents, and the recovery of missing pets. The Protectors ran for two series totalling 52 episodes. But what will Jack and Katherine think of this dramatic change of format?

Jack’s a massive Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Space: 1999 etc.) fan, and Katherine isn’t. In order to bring about peace in the household, Katherine has agreed to watch the first episode of every Gerry Anderson series in existence.

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