Ep 17 – Space: 1999 (Year 1)

Katherine has been dreading watching Space: 1999. As far as she’s concerned its just too long and too boring. But as the crew of Moonbase Alpha face an apocalyptic nuclear disaster, maybe the drama and tension of this incredible piece of television will be enough to make Katherine change her mind…

A catastrophic nuclear accident blows the Earth’s moon out of orbit. The inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha are transported through space on an unending voyage to strange new worlds. This is Space: 1999. First broadcast in 1975, the series stars Martin Landau and Barbara Bain as Commander John Koenig and Doctor Helena Russell. The first series, produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, was an epic and dramatic saga which saw the Alphans struggle for survival, unprepared for their journey across the universe, meeting advanced alien civilisations and encountering strange, intelligent space phenomena which challenged their understanding of life as they knew it. The series was the Andersons’ biggest production yet, but what will Jack and Katherine have to say about Year 1 of Space: 1999?

Jack’s a massive Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Space: 1999 etc.) fan, and Katherine isn’t. In order to bring about peace in the household, Katherine has agreed to watch the first episode of every Gerry Anderson series in existence.

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