Thank you for supporting Security Hazard

Hello folks, Jack here. I’ve been posting quite sporadically recently due to multiple dramatic shifts in how much spare time I did, and then didn’t, and then did again, and now definitely don’t have, so I wanted to post a little thank you for sticking with me.

When I started the Security Hazard blog just over four years ago I had recently moved to the other side of the world, was living with my incredibly generous and incredibly new in-laws, and (due to the joys of the US immigration system) faced many months of unemployment. It was a time that was scary and exciting in equal measure. With time on my hands, I turned my attention to something which had been an absolute constant in my life since Day 1 – the work of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

I started writing whatever the heck I fancied about all my favourite TV series. This evolved into weekly reviews of Thunderbirds episodes which I hope made you laugh, and also made you cry a little when you realised that the person writing said reviews must basically have no life. The blog evolved further when my dear wife, Katherine, joined me to create a podcast called Operation Anderthon. That experience taught us that Destiny Angel needs to work on her attitude, the Space Police pilot is a bit too long, and that Katherine and I have vastly different opinions about the palm trees either side of Thunderbird 2’s runway.

In between those projects I’ve pursued other passions connected with the Gerry Anderson universe. These have included showcasing Anderson LEGO models, streaming live on Facebook, creating quizzes, and producing a fan-made Terrahawks festive special based on A Christmas Carol. You’re welcome.

Somehow, despite some enormous highs and lows over the past four years and often with months going by in between posts, people have been decent enough to stick with me. I absolutely love hearing from you all and reading your comments. It’s a delight to learn about your earliest memories of Thunderbirds, and how you agree or disagree with my many musings. I was even fortunate enough to meet some of you in-person at the 2019 Fanderson event.

I’ve never written my articles with a particular audience in mind, which is why it surprises me just how many people get in touch on a regular basis with words of encouragement. It means a great deal, and I almost certainly would not have kept going for this long without that support. I am grateful to all of those people who realise that I am just a guy who writes nonsense about puppet shows for fun. You accept my mistakes, and celebrate the things I get right with great enthusiasm. And, just ocassionally, crazy things happen like the BBC interviewing me as some sort of expert authority on The Investigator

I have great things I want to do with Security Hazard. It may take months and years because I’m mostly just one guy doing this all in my spare time (which I seem to have less and less of as I get older and balder). More podcasts, more reviews, more LEGO builds, more videos, and more oddities are a certainty. New things which dare to push the boundaries of common sense are also a certainty.

First and foremost I’m here to make content which entertains you and keeps me out of trouble. So here are just some of the random things that I am planning for the future (the distant future in some cases) in no particular order:

  • Stingray Reviews – when Network eventually release their blu-ray sets, I’m going to be all over that like X20 on a grand piano.
  • Operation Anderthon Season 2 – Katherine and I are making preparations to bring the podcast back at some point… just as soon as Katherine stops saying “oh no, not again,” every time I bring it up…
  • LEGO Zero-X – once I can track down enough LEGO bricks that are the right shade of dark blue, I’ll be taking over assembly control and making sure lift body two actually stands a chance of docking successfully with the main body.
  • Something Something Virtual Reality – Katherine and I just treated ourselves to a virtual reality headset… we’re not sure what we’re going to do with it yet… but I’m sure there’s an amusing Anderson-related video in there somewhere.
  • Thunderbirds Reviews 2.0 – it’s been almost four years since my original Thunderbirds reviews were written. They’re great and all, but they could do with an update in some form or another. Really haven’t thought about it much beyond that…

Hopefully I’ve managed to whet your appetite for more Security Hazard goodness. It may take some time because of real life, and I welcome any suggestions about what you fine folks would like to see. Thank you for your patience, be good to each other, and whatever you do, stay F.A.B.



5 thoughts on “Thank you for supporting Security Hazard

  1. Thanks for this. I’m a bit late to the SH party, only having recently reignited my passion for all things Anderson through the Podcast and the coming together of the Podsterons. I’ve enjoyed the pods you and Catherine have done, and enjoyed reading your episode guide alongside my new bluray set. Thanks again. Keep it FAB


  2. Can’t wait for the TB 2.0 reviews. I finally got through all of them and now I’m going back and rereading because they’re just so dang entertaining.
    Hope you and the family are and stay well!


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