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When I started the Security Hazard blog just over four years ago I had recently moved to the other side of the world, was living with my incredibly generous and incredibly new in-laws, and (due to the joys of the US immigration system) faced many months of unemployment. It was a time that was scary and exciting in equal measure. With time on my hands, I turned my attention to something which had been an absolute constant in my life since Day 1 – the work of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

Security Hazard Live! Tune in on Monday, March 23rd

For Gerry Anderson fans who are stuck indoors and looking for a little bit of extra entertainment and chat about their favourite TV shows, I’m trying something new. With no plan or agenda, Jack Knoll (one half of the Operation Anderthon podcast, and some Thunderbirds reviews that go on a bit) will be streaming live on the Security Hazard Facebook page on Monday, March 23rd at 5:00 pm GMT for the first time.

Thunderbirds – 26. Security Hazard

With the schedule incredibly tight and the budget limited, the decision was taken to make the final episode of Thunderbirds’ first series a clip show recycling footage from four previous episodes. As a result, Security Hazard often gets a bad rap for rounding of series one with a fairly uneventful story. I won’t be able to blow your mind and convince you that Security Hazard is the best episode ever, but as clip shows go it’s a good bit of fun and has enough extra goodies in it that you should definitely still include this story in your Thunderbirds marathon regardless.