‘Five Star Five’ – The Lost Anderson Feature Film – NEW Novelisation and Audiobook

Five Star Five was an epic science fiction feature film planned by Gerry Anderson to enter production in 1979. The funding fell through and since then it has only been discussed as a footnote, maybe a paragraph or two in any story about the legendary producer’s work. But now, in 2021, Anderson Entertainment are finally bringing the thrilling Five Star Five adventure to the page and to your ears in the form of a new novelisation and audiobook, adapted by actor and writer, Richard James (aka Officer Orrin in Space Precinct).



The peaceful planet of Kestra is under threat. The evil Zargon forces are preparing to launch a devastating attack from an asteroid fortress. With the whole Kestran system in the Zargons’ sights, Colonel Zana looks to one man to save them.

Except one man isn’t enough.

Gathering a crack team around him including a talking chimpanzee, a marauding robot and a mystic monk, John Lovell must infiltrate the enemy base and save Kestra from the Zargons!

This is an opportunity to experience the extraordinary characters and places envisioned by Gerry Anderson and his long-time collaborator Tony Barwick that never made it to the screen. Five Star Five was devised during the gap between Space: 1999 and Gerry’s glorious return to film-making with Terrahawks.

Richard James explains;

Richard James
Author, Richard James

“I had previously read an excerpt via the Gerry Anderson website and was immediately struck by the pace and excitement of the opening scenes. It was something I was determined to retain in the novelisation. I regarded Five Star Five as something of an historical record, and I felt duty-bound to preserve it as best I could. As I read through the script, I was surprised to see it full of humour as well as the expected thrills; the result, no doubt, of the involvement of regular Anderson collaborator, Tony Barwick.”

“The action sequences seemed to lift off the page and it’s easy to imagine effects supremo Derek Meddings turning his hand to the explosive finale. Who knows how Five Star Five would have been remembered had it been released as a film? As a classic or as a mild curiosity from the late 1970s? Well, with this novelisation, you finally get to make up your own mind.”

You can now pre-order the hardback book, or enjoy the audiobook experience read by Robbie Stevens (Terrahawks, New Captain Scarlet) and featuring new music and classic sound FX. Delivery is expected in June 2021 so place your orders now at the Gerry Anderson store by visiting: andr.sn/5star5

Here at Security Hazard, I’m very excited and intrigued by this release. Gerry Anderson was hard at work in the late 70s and early 80s attempting to get new and exciting projects off the ground. I’m excited by many of the ideas that were devised during this period which eventually culminated in the terrific Terrahawks and the work that followed. Richard James is the perfect person to adapt the script both as a talented writer, and as someone with close connections to the worlds of Anderson. And my oh my, what glorious cover artwork!

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