Quick Update: Move (House) – And You’re Dead (Not Really)

Hello all! Just a quick and cheery update today to explain my absence and hopefully serve up some tasty Anderson treats as a penance!

For quite a considerable amount of the year so far I have been getting ready to move house. Anyone who’s done it will know it’s more stressful than watching Captain Magenta try to count to 100. I’m delighted to say that the gruelling process has almost reached its end and in a few weeks I’ll be saying goodbye to my headquarters, which has been empty of Anderson memorabillia for some time now in preparation for the move.

I know, it’s a very sad sight. The amazing news is that my new office will be double the size. As I write this it’s painted bright yellow, so there’s some work needed to get it ready, but I hope to share the process with you as all the toys, models and artwork come out of their boxes and finds a new home on display. I also have big plans for a new and improved LEGO workshop.

During my hiatus from physical LEGO building I have been hard at work designing digital models which I hope to bring into the real world very soon. Here are some renderings of some classic Thunderbird 2 pod vehicles:

The long overdue second season of Operation Anderthon continues to be… well… long overdue. After a long day of packing up our house, the last thing my dear wife needs is me saying, “fancy watching All That Glisters” or “please tell the listeners your top five episodes of Four Feather Falls.” The podcast shall resume in due course, but like the Martian Space Probe crossing the Allington Suspension Bridge, slow and steady wins the race, but too much stress and the whole thing collapses… or something like that…

Fortunately, there are a few fun projects that I actually have been able to work on recently. Do you want to see your favourite Anderson vehicles constructed by a complete amateur and crashed within a few minutes of blast off? Of course you do! That’s why I took to the skies in the beloved video game Kerbal Space Program once again. Watch me build and destroy an Angel Interceptor, Fireball XL5, and Thunderbird 2!

Not your cup of tea? Well for something completely different, I recently set myself the task of completely reconstructing the Japanese opening titles of Captain Scarlet using clips from Network’s shiny high definition blu-ray release. The sequence is widely available as very faded and grubby print, but, from scratch, I have brought it back to life in HD. To many this will be little more than an unusual curio, but for some Japanese fans I’m hoping that I’ve restored a key piece of nostalgia.

So that’s about it from me today! I’m looking forward to sharing new articles and videos with you over the coming weeks and months as Katherine and I settle into our new home. Follow me on Twitter for all the latest updates.

I leave you with the fantastic trailer for Big Finish’s upcoming Thunderbirds full cast audio story – Terror From The Stars!

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