Danger At Christmas Deep

Alternative titles considered for this article included:
‘Attack of the Christmas Alligators’
‘Secret Of The Giant Christmas Oyster’
‘A Day In The Life Of A Christmas Space General’

Here I come – awkwardly shuffling back onto my blog. It’s been quiet this year hasn’t it? Back in April, I revealed that we were moving house. Then, rather rudely, I disappeared off the face of the Earth. In actual fact I was remodelling my kitchen. Seriously, it took most of the year. Now that Katherine’s armed with a shiny new double wall oven she could challenge Grandma Tracy to a cook-off, but it has meant that blog posts were few and far between in 2021. If you’ve been following me on social media you’ll know that these two tweets were basically the greatest thing I’ve accomplished in the last 12 months…

No regrets.

Fortunately I do have a bit more to show for this year than Investigator-themed tomfoolery, if you’ll care to indulge me.

I was proud to write original stories for this official 2022 Thunderbirds calendar, beautifully illustrated by Chris Thopmson. Writing alongside Andrew Clements and Cameron Stewart was a delight, and I’m excited for you to enjoy some new International Rescue adventures!

Incidentally, my birthday is February 26th if you want to make a note of that on your nice new calendar. I’ll be turning *mumble mumble* years old.

Also premiering this year, two Century 21 Tech Talks written by yours truly: the Eagle Transporter and Supercar. What a treat to have scripts performed by the legendary Jon Culshaw as Ed Straker AND Jeff Tracy. It’s been a pleasure to work on this series with Andrew!

Back to The Investigator, briefly. Sorry. Back in March I was asked to join a live watchalong of the 1973 Anderson pilot film, The Investigator, exclusive to Anderson Insiders. Poking fun at this bizarre thing will never stop being fun for me, so thank you to Ben Page for inviting me along!

May be a cartoon of one or more people, people standing and text that says "9eRRY anDeRSOn's with Live Watchalong Special Guest JACK KNOLL This Saturday 13th March 7 PM UK Time"

This year we also celebrated Gerry Anderson Day with a global online event, enjoyed some stunning new Supermarionation in the form of Nebula-75 from Century 21 Films, were treated to some big Network blu-ray releases for Supercar AND Fireball XL5 with news that Stingray is on the way soon, and got a whole host of new audiobooks and other merchandise. It was a good time to be an Anderson fan! All sorts of good stuff is coming next year too in all sorts of spectacular ways. Maybe I’ll be awake enough to cover some of it on the blog this time.

For now though, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! As a festive treat, here’s a sneek peek at some of my latest digital LEGO designs. Hopefully you’ll get to see more of these next year…

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