Thunderbirds Reviews

In August 2016 we set out on a not-so top secret mission to review every episode of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s classic Supermarionation television series, Thunderbirds. Each week we sat down and analysed every single frame in detail to look for reused puppets, props, models, and sets as well as spotting goofs, continuity errors and other fascinating indicators about how this phenomenal series was produced. We even busted a few myths along the way!

Read our in-depth articles which explore the episodes, and the feature films, more fully than ever before, as well as poking fun here and there…

8 thoughts on “Thunderbirds Reviews

  1. Great fun reading your reviews. You write with a nice edge of humor. Also thanks for the Johnny Seven OMA shout out!


  2. My son has recently started watching Thunderbirds on Britbox and I’m loving rewatching it too having not seen it since the 90s. Amazing what I notice as an adult that I didn’t notice as a child. I found these reviews to read alongside watching them and it’s made them even better! So thanks 🙂 he’s already started Stingray now so I’m looking forward to when you review those.

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