Talkdown: Behind the Scenes of the Joe 90 Technical Operations Manual with Chris Thompson and Jack Knoll

Today’s Security Hazard offering is a most special video discussion between myself and renowned Anderson writer, director, and artist, Chris Thompson. Chris and I have recently collaborating on all things Joe 90 to bring you the latest book in the successful range of in-universe Technical Operations Manuals from the Gerry Anderson store. If you’ve missed previous news of this release, want to learn even more about the contents of the upcoming manual, or just want to hear two old friends casually chat about their favourite TV shows, this video is for you. The video is embedded below and available to watch on YouTube.

The Project 90 Technical Operations Manual is the third in a series of books produced by Chris Thompson and Anderson Entertainment which detail the technical specifications of key vehicles, equipment, and personnel connected with each of the futuristic shows produced by Gerry Anderson. Previous releases explored the operations of Moonbase Alpha from Space: 1999, and detailed the alien-hunting work of the SHADO team from UFO. The Project 90 Technical Operations Manual is the first in the range to focus on a Supermarionation series, and Joe 90 in particular is a series Chris and I have a lot of affection for.

In the video, we discuss the challenges as well as the eureka moments that Chris experienced while illustrating all the hero vehicles, guest vehicles, props, locations and more that populate the world of Joe 90. From designing submarines during a luxurious Grecian getaway, to sleepless nights spent studying the bizarre placement of perimeter fences around missile bases, Chris has some great stories and insights to share about his time working on the manual.

I also share my experience of joining the project, and the enormous fun I had contributing the book’s character biographies, mission briefings, and criminal files. We also spill the beans on the exclusive Joe 90 stories that Chris and I have devised especially for this release.

Of course, when two friends get together, the conversation is bound to take some unexpected twists and turns. The video includes our memories of convention-related misadventures, forgotten Zero-X recording sessions, and Chris’ exciting interview with Sam Loover himself, Keith Alexander.

The Joe 90 | Project 90 Technical Operations Manual, is available to pre-order at with delivery expected on July 15th, 2023.

And finally, if your name happens to be Len Jones, and you were the young actor who provided the voice of Joe 90 himself all those years ago, we’ve been looking for you! Please get in touch with Jamie Anderson and the team at Anderson Entertainment by emailing

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Jack Knoll and the Security Hazard blog are not sponsored or otherwise endorsed by Anderson Entertainment or ITV to promote the Joe 90 | Project 90 Technical Operations Manual. All opinions shared in this article and video belong to their authors, and do not necessarily reflect those of Anderson Entertainment or ITV.

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2 thoughts on “Talkdown: Behind the Scenes of the Joe 90 Technical Operations Manual with Chris Thompson and Jack Knoll

  1. I see the manual is sold out. Any plans to make a digital version available?
    Fun fact: I live in the city of Sam Loover’s birth!


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