Thunderbirds – 31. Ricochet

In the mid-1960’s, the UK was gripped by the Radio Caroline phenomenon, a pirate radio station broadcasting from a ship off the English coast without a government license. It was popular for bravely busting the BBC’s broadcasting monopoly and circumventing the restrictive music broadcasting rules of certain record companies. Something about this cool and rebellious concept struck a chord with Gerry Anderson, who theorised that in the future, pirate radio ships would be replaced with pirate radio satellites broadcasting from orbit without a license. It’s a wonderfully inventive notion, and one which I feel is extremely well executed in this episode. The story also gives us a rare Thunderbird 3 mission, a fun guest character, and it gives us a little break from the Penelope based adventures which otherwise dominate the second series.

Gerry Anderson Vehicles in Kerbal Space Program

This week the Security Hazard blog has put together a video where we build and fly some classic vehicles from the Gerry Anderson canon in a game called Kerbal Space Program. In true Thunderbirds style, some of them crash and explode a bit too…