Thunderbirds – 2. Pit Of Peril

Join me as I dive into the Pit of Padding… sorry, I mean Pit of Peril. Pit of Peril introduces us to the regular opening theme music and a teaser montage with no sound effects. Lots of vehicles and fireballs on display. It must be an exciting episode!

Thunderbirds – 1. Trapped In The Sky

For one time only we have the original Thunderbirds theme tune, which is heard in this episode and never again (aside from the TB65 episode, Introducing Thunderbirds). Also rather uniquely, sound effects are applied to the teaser montage. We get to experience Kyrano’s screams and Fireflash’s squeals before the episode starts.

Coming Soon: Security Hazard Reviews Thunderbirds

All 32 episodes of the classic Thunderbirds series are to be reviewed, poked and prodded every Friday right here on the Security Hazard blog. Following the arrival of the new-ish Thunderbirds blu-ray boxset from Shout Factory on my doorstep, I have decided to share my marathon of these beautifully restored high-definition episodes with all ofContinue reading “Coming Soon: Security Hazard Reviews Thunderbirds”

Choose a Tracy Island Playset!

The Tracy Island playset is famous for being at the top of everyone’s Christmas list, not only in 1992 when the series was given it’s first major re-run on BBC2, but again in 2000. My own mother was on high alert to get my brother the 1990’s Matchbox Tracy Island and I was beyond excited to unwrap my own Vivid Imaginations Tracy Island in 2000.

The Legend Begins: A Thunderbirds Diorama

Take a look at this beautifully detailed diorama by Andrew Clements entitled, ‘The Legend Begins.’ By making use of kit pieces and miniature vehicles, some of which appear in original Thunderbirds special effects shots, Clements has imaginatively constructed a striking physical representation of how Thunderbird 1 and Thunderbird 2 might have been constructed. He has been kind enough to share images of his creation and given us a little bit more information about the thought process behind it.

Thunderbirds Are Go! Remaking The Future

When it comes to Thunderbirds Are Go I’ve played my cards pretty close to my chest because the internet is generally a place where you either love or hate something and any opinion in between is too complex for some to comprehend.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed the first series of 26 episodes. As a piece of children’s televison it’s pretty outstanding and I can totally understand why younger viewers would absolutely fall in love with the show – I know I would have done if I was 5 years old again.

Thunderbirds 1965: The Stately Homes Robberies

Have you ever listened to The Stately Homes Robberies mini-album? It’s pretty awful. The dialogue couldn’t be clunkier, the action is absolutely minimal, and to have a Thunderbirds adventure witout any Thunderbirds in is rather bland. Fortunately, when shooting this episode for the Thunderbirds 1965 project, Stephen La Rivière and his team had the common sense to almost entirely tear apart the original audio and put it back together again with as much action and intrigue squeezed in as possible with the addition of dialogue from the television series. Any scenes in the original mini-album that didn’t work have been cut down or cut out and it makes for a much improved and much more genuine Thunderbirds episode.

Thunderbirds 1965: The Abominable Snowman

“In the frozen Himalayas, in the land of mountaineers, Where the local folk are frightened, by the strangest kind of fears, Though it may be just a rumour, its been talked about for years! THE ABOMINABLE SNOOOOWMAN!” Good, well now that’s out of the way we can get on with taking a look at theContinue reading “Thunderbirds 1965: The Abominable Snowman”